Have you ever heard a singer who exudes such enthusiasm that you can't help but listen & watch with a smile? Marlena is such a singer: a down-to-earth performer, born to sing to your heart, loving every minute of it! 

Likened to Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, Marlena's powerful, energetic voice & style cover a broad range: from power ballads, classics, pop and country to broadway, swing, standards and oldies. 

With over 25 years of experience singing at just about every kind of show and venue, from weddings and private parties to corporate events, festivals and family shows, Marlena is well-versed in song selection, in emceeing with just the right tone, and with sensitivity to the needs of the audience for any event - whether the occasion calls for her to host an upbeat interactive celebration or tastefully blend into the background. 

The music can make or break a party, and Marlena has become expert at making sure her events are always a hit! As for venues, she's performed at them all; from every elite Boston hotel, to the finest lounges and intimate house parties. Recently she's found herself in increasing demand to sing at both private and church wedding ceremonies, funerals & celebrations of life, and floor shows for tour groups at the finest resorts. 

When she gets down on her knee and sings to a senior, you can see in her eyes that she's as genuine as can be. As one entertainment director recently said to her, "It's obvious that you put your heart into your singing and you really love your audience. You can't fake caring."

Ask Marlena how she would describe her style, and she explains: 

"I'm warm and exuberant. I try to always open right up and sing from my heart, with an attitude of gratitude. I'm so lucky I can sing as my career. I'll never stop writing new songs and striving to reach people's souls through song. Music is the most beautiful art form there is, in my opinion. It reaches way down, deeper than words alone. The combination of music and lyrics is powerful. When I make someone cry - and this happens weekly - I know I'm doing what I was put here on earth to do. I return home satisfied that I've made a meaningful impact....created a bright spot in someone's day….and I want to sing every single DAY."