So, in what ways can Marlena perform for you?

*  A solo act, achieved with professional backing tracks and a state-of-the-art Bose PA System. Completely self contained, she sets up and puts on a show (or appropriate background music) by herself. In addition to singing, she can add ukulele, harmonica and piano. 

*  In churches with organists and live musicians, or with professionally recorded tracks.

*  Live singing/DJ. She performs a blend of live singing with tracks, combined with DJing, based upon the desires of her client and audience reaction. As lively and entertaining, or as mellow and classy as you wish. Depending upon the size and complexities of the function, she may bring an assistant.

*  Live acoustic duo (coming soon) Classic rock, pop, oldies, country. 

*  Guest Vocalist in live bands

*  Jingles

*  Studio Session Singer